Magento: How to prevent coupon codes from acting on products with special price?

Step 1: Enable Special Price attribute for promotion rules creation.

Special Price is product attribute. So enable it for promotion rules creation in “Admin – Catalog – Attributes – Manage Attributes”.

Step 2: Promotion Rule Condition.

Then in the rule condition set “Product Attribute – Special Price” equals or greater than 1 and let rule apply when all conditions are FALSE.


It only excluding special price apply products.

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Magento : Out of stock products showing last in the brand page by AWShopbybrand extension

Magento has following sort options by default:

  • Name
  • Price
  • Newest
  • Popularity

Various cart abandonment surveys conclude that around 25% of online customers abandon their cart due to out-of-stock issues.

A known ways to deal with this issue is pushing OOS products to the end of lists.

This extension ( allows to showing out of stock products last in catalog pages.

To showing out of stock products last in brand pages by AWShopbybrand extension modify “/app/code/local/AW/Shopbybrand/Model/Layer.php” and add sorting by stock status:

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