Magento: How to prevent coupon codes from acting on products with special price?

Step 1: Enable Special Price attribute for promotion rules creation.

Special Price is product attribute. So enable it for promotion rules creation in “Admin – Catalog – Attributes – Manage Attributes”.

Step 2: Promotion Rule Condition.

Then in the rule condition set “Product Attribute – Special Price” equals or greater than 1 and let rule apply when all conditions are FALSE.


It only excluding special price apply products.

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Drupal 7: merge duplicate taxonomy terms


“Flatten hierarchy” and “Treat parent items as individual facet items” fields missed in facet display configuration form

According to Jeff Geerling Post: Set up a hierarchical taxonomy term Facet using Facet API with Search API Solr:

To display hierarchy in taxonomy facets, you need to do two main things:

  1. Make sure your taxonomy field is being indexed with taxonomy hierarchy data intact.
  2. Set up the Facet API facet for this taxonomy term so it will display the full hierarchy.

If you follow all steps in Jeff Geerling Post and there were no “Flatten hierarchy” and “Treat parent items as individual facet items” fields:

  • Make sure in FIELDS tab you select taxonomy reference field, not related-fields.

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Magento : Out of stock products showing last in the brand page by AWShopbybrand extension

Magento has following sort options by default:

  • Name
  • Price
  • Newest
  • Popularity

Various cart abandonment surveys conclude that around 25% of online customers abandon their cart due to out-of-stock issues.

A known ways to deal with this issue is pushing OOS products to the end of lists.

This extension ( allows to showing out of stock products last in catalog pages.

To showing out of stock products last in brand pages by AWShopbybrand extension modify “/app/code/local/AW/Shopbybrand/Model/Layer.php” and add sorting by stock status:

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